Yancy Street Paper Kiosk


Yancy Street Paper Kiosk


Yancy Street Paper Kiosk scaled for Marvel Crisis Protocol.  This building can be used as a size 3 terrain piece.  This gives you the beginning of a urban downtown street or a carnival setting.

This measurements of the building is 130mm wide, 60mm deep and 80mm tall.  The building is the proper scale for games such as Marvel Crisis Protocol.  In addition, we can do smaller scale buildings for other game systems like Fallout or the Walking Dead.  The only limitation to size is the capacity of our printers.  Contact us with your requests and we will give you a quote for the new size.

There are 3 pieces to Yancy Street Paper Kiosk: the building, the sign and the roof.  Also, the inside of the building is complete.

Corvus Games Terrain designed this model and 6 Squared Studios has the rights to print and sell this model.  Steve at Corvus Games Terrain is great to work with and offers new files each month that we will be adding to our catalogue.  If you see something on his website that isn’t in our store, please contact us and we will gladly add the model to our offerings.  If you are interested in purchasing the STL file for printing, please visit Corvus Games Terrain : 3D printed sci-fi tabletop wargaming terrain.

We use PLA plastic to make this model and it is a made to order item. The model also comes unpainted.

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Additional information

Weight .187 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × 3.5 in


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