Marsh Troll version 1


Marsh Troll Version 1


This resin miniature represents a Marsh Troll (version 1) from 6 Squared Studios upcoming game, Crossroads.  As the name suggests, there are 2 other versions of this model.

Marsh trolls live in swamps and bogs.  Forming small family groups, these powerful brutes rely on sheer strength to subdue their prey.  Even if you get away, a single scratch from their dirty claws or teeth can lead to a slow, agonizing death.  This particular troll is currently enjoying a large fish he recently caught.  This model is approximately 72mm tall.

The resin miniature is sold unpainted and with a 75mm round MDF base.

The original design was done by Duncan Shadow and 6 Squared Studios pays for the right to print and sell copies of this design.

Additional information

Weight .19 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 3 × 3 in


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