This resin miniature represents a hydra for 6 Squared Studios upcoming game, Crossroads.

Hydras make their layers in secluded swamps and damp dungeons.  Kin to dragons but without their intelligence, hydras are predatory animals with ferocious jaws.  The worst part is when you cut of one of its heads, it will eventually grow back.

The resin miniature is sold unpainted and with a 192mm x 120mm oval MDF base.  Some assembly is required.  The kit also comes with stumps to represent heads being cut off.  You can add magnets to be able to change between the heads and a stump.

The original design was done by Dark Realm Forge and 6 Squared Studios pays for the right to print and sell copies of this design.  If you are looking for the STL file or want to see other models from Duncan’s line, please visit his website at Duncan Shadow @DuncanShadow – MyMiniFactory.  Truly a great artist and fantastic person to work with.

Additional information

Weight .28 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 3 in


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