Haarapan Plains House Version A


Haarapan Plains House Version A


This building measures 127mm wide, 97mm deep and 90mm tall.  The building represents small desert home that would be perfect for any arid alien landscape.  there is a ladder for roof access.  This home could be used in a sci-fi setting like Star Wars Legion/Star Grave or even a modern desert setting.

The shrine comes in 3 pieces: the building, the door and the roof.

This model was designed by Corvus Games Terrain and we have secured the rights to print and sell this model.  You can check out their other models at Corvus Games Terrain : 3D printed sci-fi tabletop wargaming terrain

the model is made from PLA plastic and is a made to order item.  The model comes unpainted

Additional information

Weight .716 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in


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