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A customizable combat dial to keep track of wounds, turns or other events in your games.Each counter is made out of 2 pieces of MDF. The bottom piece is numbered 1 through 20. The top piece is blank with a hole to see one number at a time. The two pieces are connected using rare earth magnets that keeps them together while allowing you to turn the dial to the number you need.The MDF we use is the same material as our bases. We chose to do this so you can finish the top of the dial the same way you base your miniatures. No more wondering which dice on the table are counting wounds and which are the dice you rolled. You and your opponent can now see damage dealt to a model with a dial that looks like part of your army. You can even stain the etched numbers to customize the shown numbers. The other option you have is to either leave the window open in the upper part or cut the edge to open it up further. Personally, I don’t cut mine and can see the numbers fine but we wanted to show that you have this option.

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