40mm round 5 base tray, magnetized

40mm round 5 base tray, magnetized
Product Code: MOV0033
Availability: 980
Price: $3.66 USD

This movement tray is 2 layers of 3mm MDF.  This tray holds holds 5, 40mm round bases.  The spacing allows for models that overhang their bases and is configured so that multiple trays can be used to form a line or a other shapes more representing a mob.  The spaces for the bases are slightly larger than 40mm to allow for any extra paint or material which may be on your model's bases.

These trays come with 5, rare earth magnets that can be glued into the holes.  When you glue these magnets into the tray, make sure to match the polarity of the magnet in the base of your model.  We suggest using thin super glue to attach magnets.

We use a high quality MDF which will not warp with normal use and can be painted, primed and finished the same way you have based your models.


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