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Gothic Fence: spiked gate 2-pack
This gothic style fencing was inspired by traditional cemetery fencing as well as the walls in class..
$2.33 USD
Crate Set - Large
$4.66 USD
Crater Pack (S-M-L)
These solid resin craters will compliment any tabletop or role playing game! Loaded with detail, the..
$4.66 USD
Crater XL
This solid resin crater takes up a full 6"x6" footprint and will compliment any tabletop or role pla..
$3.88 USD
This kit contains 1 resin model. With a length off xx, the crocosaur is an imposing figure on the ba..
$5.44 USD
Dock (Platform Only)
$4.66 USD
Dock Set Unpainted
These solid resin accessories are designed to complement our 6x6 tabletop series. They can be used t..
$7.78 USD
Grain Sack - Large Stack
This kit contains 1 rectangular sack of grain bags. This model measures 1.875”(47mm) wide, .75”(19mm..
$1.00 USD
Grain Sack - Open
This is a resin model of a group of 4 open grain sacks. The model measures .375”(10mm) tall. This mo..
$0.77 USD
Grain Sack - Small Stack
This kit contains 1 resin model that represents a small stack of grain bags. The sacks are in a pyra..
$1.00 USD
$1.00 USD
Hay Bales (3-Pack)
Defend your farmstead from zombies, aliens or human marauders. These hay bales will dress up any far..
$3.88 USD