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6 Squared Studios was launched in July of 2014 by a trio of gamers who wanted to make terrain and accessories for miniature games.  They were avid convention goers and ran games at these events.  Being “terrain nerds”, people would often come up and ask them where they could buy the terrain pieces.  

Well, after a few similar conversations, we got the hint and started 6 Squared Studios.

We invested in a commercial laser cutter, taught ourselves how to create silicone molds for resin prints and set up our website.  6 Squared Studios owes a lot of our success to local gaming conventions like Hotlead (our first convention as a Vendor), Broadsword, KegsCon and Council of Fires.  We showed off our work at HMGS shows and also became a sponsor of the Garagehammer Podcast. 

Fast forward to 2019, 6 Squared Studios is going strong.  There are now just two partners in the business but we have expanded our range and now include 3D printed items along with our resin, acrylic and MDF wares.

Brad Leaver is our head sculptor and is responsible for some of our most popular resin terrain features.  He has been a lifelong gamer and often runs our home brew game systems at conventions.  Brad has a lovely girlfriend Kristen and a young son named Ben.  We all hope Ben grows up to be as big a nerd as his dad!

Kevin Jacobi is our marketing, 3D and laser design person.  He loves receiving orders from people and talking to them about the games they are playing.  Always up for a challenge, Kevin works with clients to create new items for our gaming and hobby tables.  Like Brad, Kevin is a lifelong gamer (a little longer than Brad) and is kept sane by his two dogs Darwin and Jack.  Unlike Ben, there is little hope of either of the dogs becoming gaming nerds (unless fetch counts).

We would like to thank everyone for their support and look forward growing the hobby together, eh?

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