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How the West Was Sculpted

Hi all,

I just wanted to start by saying thanks for all the positive responses we’ve been getting for our river tile system – especially the people who have already purchased a set! We love making terrain and it is a real confidence boost when people think it is worth buying for their own gaming tables. It is very much appreciated.

We have a lot of projects on the go right now.

Dan, our tech guru, is working with our new 3D scanner to help us with scaling challenges for some upcoming projects. I dont want to give too much away but I’m sure it will DRIVE you nuts. We are also super stoked about our 3D printer that should be in any time now. Once we have this, it will offer us even more tools to make quality terrain with.

Brad has been pretty busy on a number of fronts. He just finished our new rock sets as well as a couple of vortex designs. He is also working on some additional terrain features for your fantasy army tables.

Me, I’ve been working on developing our western street tiles. Like our river system, this set will let you create a number of different street layouts to suite your gaming needs. Since our game club plays a lot of Malifaux and were in the Wild West Exodus Kickstarter, these will come in quite handy. We love our miniature wargaming and great terrain just makes the experience even better.

Check out some preview pictures below.

Peace out, eh?