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Getting Ready for ReaperCon

Hi all,

Sorry it has been a bit quite on the blog posting end of things.  We have been hard at work getting our 3 new games up and running for ReaperCon.

ReaperCon is the annual convention put on by Reaper Miniatures in Lake Dallas, Texas – minutes away from their headquarters in Denton.  The convention is unique in that it brings together sculptors, painters and fans to participate in classes and play games with the minis we all love.

ReaperCon giveaway
ReaperCon giveaway

This year we are running 3 games: Turbo Joust, Rocket Grapple Arena and Cinema Tactics Hostile Takeover.  All the game have been play tested and are running great.  We are just taking this weekend to get the final touches done on the game boards – they are huge!

After the convention, we will get back on track and get more tutorials and other blog posts up on the board.  We also will be concentrating on a face lift for our website to make it more enjoyable to visit and easier to navigate.  PLUS we have some exciting new products that we will be offering in May.

It should be an exciting time for gaming at 6 Squared Studios and we hope you will be part of it.

Have a great weekend, eh?

MiniCannuck Kevin

Engage Engines! Full speed ahead!

Hey Everyone! Brad here. Just wanted to post a quick update on how our big space table is coming along for Reapercon. We’re going to be running an epic battle between two cruisers that we’ve dubbed Hostile Takeover. The basic premise of the game is that two corporations are sending boarding parties in an attempt to commandeer the enemies vessel. Continue reading Engage Engines! Full speed ahead!

The Heart of it all.

Hey guys!

Brad here with another post on the progress of our spaceship table we’re putting together for Reapercon.  The past two weeks have neen very busy for us here at 6squaredstudios, I’ve just about finished up six scratch speeder ships that will battle it out in one of the other games we plan to run. You can check them out on our Facebook. Continue reading The Heart of it all.