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A quick note on blogging

Hi all,

Sorry for the lapse in time since our last entry. I had every intention of getting the second part of my Historicon coverage done shortly after the first. However, life, work, home and prep for GenCon derailed this pretty quickly.

Blogging needs to be important to me for a number of reasons. The first reason is that I love games and want to share this love with fellow gamers in the hopes of making new friends and learning more about the hobby. A blog is not an ego trip for the writer (at least in my case) but a way to express opinions about something we love in the hopes of getting others to love the subject as much as we do.

The second reason is that we at 6 Squared Studios are trying to launch a business and blogging is important to businesses. By writing about the stuff we create and how we use it at conventions, there is a chance that people will find our blogs and visit the website. Once there, we hope that they like what they see and invest in our terrain for their gaming table. We want to develop a community that we can discuss future projects and learn what people want to improve their gaming experience. We are not some business that sells into a market. We are gamers that are making things for our tables and offering them up for others to enjoy as well.

Bottom line, blogging good – not blogging bad.

I am trying out some blogging tools on the IPad to see if it helps me capture the moment beter for this blog. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Peace out, eh?