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Tutorial: Stone Bridge

Hi all,

This tutorial is a long time coming.  I sculpted our bridge model a few months ago but we only released it at Hold the Line two weeks ago.  The reason for the delay is that this model was hard to cast due to all the surfaces being finished.  So, after many failed molding attempts, we had to create a 3 part mold to make sure that the bridge looked the way we wanted.  The time and energy was worth it as the bridge represents our biggest, most involved model to date. Continue reading Tutorial: Stone Bridge

Tutorial: Pig Pen/Wooden Animal Closure

Farms are a mainstay in tabletop gaming.  They add a variety of terrain for a countryside battle and offer a remote location for more intimate skirmish settings.  Even today, you can still drive through parts of the country and see farms that look similar to how they must have been over a hundred yeas ago.  Adding a tractor brings it to the 20th century and the present.  Adding rustic wagons can make the landscape appear hundreds of years old.  Farms definitely give us tabletop gamers some versatile scenery for our collections. Continue reading Tutorial: Pig Pen/Wooden Animal Closure