Let’s all make a castle Part 1

Hi all,

Like I wrote last time, August was pretty much a write off.  With all three partners getting/still sick and traditional summer activities which don’t involve being inside in my studio, not much was done.

On a plus side, GenCon did invigorate our want to play games and we laid out the formats for both a Malifaux and Age of Sigmar campaign for our club.  It is with these campaigns in mind that I’ve started sculpting a 28mm scale castle for the game. Continue reading Let’s all make a castle Part 1

August 2015 – the missing month

Morning all,

Again, it has been some time since any of us at 6SS posted to the blog.  After GenCon, all 3 of us have had different medical challenges that came us and we are dealing with.  This left little focus on the website and we have basically been just treading water filling orders and trying to find the ability to enjoy our down time.

Things aren’t much better yet but I will do my best to keep content coming as we prepare for the fall convention season.

KEGSCON is our first convention of the fall.  Put on by the Kent-Essex Gaming club, this single day event is happening on September 26th.  There are 3 gaming slots from 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm and 7pm-11pm.  We will be there in the dealer hall.  You can find out more information by visiting their website KEGSCON.  I hope to see many of you in Chatham!

Council of Fires is the next convention happening on October 3rd.  This convention is located in Cambridge Ontario and is also a single day event.  The games run on a track system which will allow you to get in at least 2 games during the day.  We will be in the vendor hall and there is also a “bring and buy” event to offload some of your unloved models.  You can find more information by visiting their website Council of Fires.

Fall In is the 3rd of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society’s conventions for the year.  Running Nov 6-8 in Lancaster PA, this convention has been a staple of my convention schedule for many years.  I have learned so much about games not played around where I live and found dozens of miniature companies that I didn’t know existed.  I’ve made a lot of great friends and look forward to seeing the new wares from the likes of Brigade Games, Miniature Building Authority and Old Glory.  Not a historical gamer?  No worries.  Fall In has a number of fantasy/sci-fi and alternate history games to keep you going for the whole weekend.  One I would suggest is Gnome Wars run by Jim Stanton.  It mashes up historical armies and translates them into Gnomes.  It is twisted fun with a solid set of rules.  You can find out more about this convention on their website Fall In.

That is about it for now.  I know I still owe you my article on pigment and to share our new projects for the fall.  Let’s hope “soon” means soon this time.

Peace out, eh?

MiniCannuck Kevin