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new product update

Hi all,

These next few months are going to be a busy time for me and the guys at 6 Squared Studios.

Dan is busy with the website redesign project and is hoping to have it ready early June.  He has taken many of your suggestions and has implemented them into the new site.  Look for more pictures, easier navigation and no unnecessary animations.  He gave Brad and me a sneak peak the other day and it looks great.

While Dan works away at the website, Brad and I are busy designing new products for your gaming tables.  I will go through what I’ve been working on and I’ll let Brad fill you in on his projects (I don’t want to steel his thunder).

June will FINALLY bring the debut of our stone bridge.

stone bridge

This bridge was designed to fit over our river tiles and give you plenty of room to cross your forces over towards enemy territory.  Watch out for painted picks coming soon.

Speaking of rivers, our first set of river molds are nearing the end of their lives.  These were the first molds we developed for 6SS and we have learned a lot over the year.  Instead of recasting the masters, we have decided to take the time to sculpt a new set which will now have a beveled edge.  This will allow these tiles to be used with our existing river tiles or stand alone on your gaming table.  We have also started our first set of river tiles for our new 15mm line.

It has always been our intention to create terrain and accessories for 15mm games.  We just didn’t have the ability to launch both at the same time.   We will now take what we learned from our 28mm range and translate these successes to a 15mm line.  The first offerings will be river tiles and some of our more popular game accessories like the hay stacks and dock system.

For our 28mm gaming friends, don’t worry.  We are coming out with a bunch of new items for you as well.

We do a lot of MDF bases but haven’t done any MDF terrain so far.  The reason for this is that we aren’t a huge fan of most MDF kits.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the work that goes into making these kits but, for me, they are too flat for the game table.  Unless you are recreating something that is meant to look like wood planks, it just doesn’t match up with other resin/plastic kits.

We think we have come up with a solution.

Instead of trying to force MDF to represent rounded or protruding forms, we are going to produce hybrid kits that take the positive qualities of MDF and combine it with the more organic look of resin kits.  Not only will it look great but it should come at a huge cost savings.

Our first offering will be fencing systems.  We had some prototype barnyard fencing at CanGames in May.  It was basic low fencing that could be used for pig pens and other small barn animals.  We painted the MDF with brown paints so that it would be ready to use “out of the box”.  We are working on adding some resin features to make it pop.  Otherwise we will need to supply some extra vertical posts to glue to the fence to make it more “3D”.  Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

animal fencing

One fence that I think we have a good handle on is our wrought iron fencing.  This tall fencing structure was inspired from a conversation I had with the guys do the demo of the Batman:Arkham Knights miniature game.  I  thought it would be great to have fencing that would work around city hall or the local cemetery.  Here is what we have come up with.

2015-05-25 17.18.372015-05-25 17.18.02

To offset the flat iron fencing, I sculpted a stone post that can be placed between sections.  It will also give you spots to perch Batman as he survey’s the area.  We plan on making this kit as modular as possible for people so they can mix and match various designs as they see fit.  This product will debut at Hold The Line in June.

I hope that this update gives you an idea of what we are trying to do with 6SS.  On an end note, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to leave comments on our website and/or has liked our FaceBook page.  These things really help us move up the search rankings and lets other people find us.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

If you have any comments/suggestions on what you would like to see, please let us know.  We can’t guarantee that we will be able to do it right away but we can guarantee  that you will be heard.

Peace out, eh?

Minicannuck Kevin