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We are heading off to Hot Lead

Hi all,

MiniCannuck here.  The guys and I are busy working on a number of projects to get ready for the next few conventions.

Dan has taken over the casting and mold making duties and has been busy filling our stock so that we are ready for Hot Lead March 27-29He is also designing files for us to print out on the laser cutter.  Right now, he is working on space ship walls and acrylic key fobs for both Hot Lead and ReaperCon.  He is also working on redoing our website so that it flows better and presents us in the best possible way.  Basically, Dan is my hero.

HL 2015 Logo

Brad is busy at work on a number of projects as well.  He is designing and sculpting the space ships (that’s right – plural) for the ship assault game for ReaperCon.  He is also heading the R&D for the rules on a number of new games we are developing.  He is my hero too (I had to say that or else the guys would be fighting).  Actually he is quite amazing as he juggles his full time job, work for 6SS while moving and painting his new house he recently got with his girlfriend.  I’m tire just writing about it!

I have been keeping busy too.  I am working on a variety of sculpting projects including a hen house, terrain for the new games and other products that I’m keeping secret for now (you have to have some surprises in life).  On top of that, I’m trying to get the word out about 6SS by writing blogs, keeping up with Facebook and getting packages together to send out to Podcasts.

Our first package of terrain is going out to the NerdHerders Podcast.  We all listen to a lot of podcasts  while working on projects for 6SS.  As you can imagine, our tastes are different and each of us follow different shows.  One of the few we have in common is the Nerdherders.  They mix our love of gaming with humour and a good dose of pop culture.  Also, they just had an entire show dedicated to the importance of terrain on the gaming table.  That made them a slam dunk for us.


That’s about it for now.  I will be getting up some more painting tutorials in the next week to give people ideas on how to paint our resin terrain kits.

If you are in looking for a gaming convention the weekend of March 27th and live near Stratford Ontario, make sure to check out Hot Lead.  The entire weekend is only $25 and there are a variety of games to play.  Best of all, they aren’t sold out and they you a muster system to fill out the gaming slots.

Peace out, eh?

Kevin “MiniCannuck” Jacobi