The Heart of it all.

Hey guys!

Brad here with another post on the progress of our spaceship table we’re putting together for Reapercon.  The past two weeks have neen very busy for us here at 6squaredstudios, I’ve just about finished up six scratch speeder ships that will battle it out in one of the other games we plan to run. You can check them out on our Facebook.

That project has taken the majority of my time the last two weeks but I’ve still managed to get some more progress done on the first of two Dreadnoughts. This past week I was working on building the transporter room. Which consisted of using some more resin accessories from Spartan Scenics and some Hirstarts molds. For the steel floor grating I’ve been using plastic crochet paneling I found at Michael’s hobby store.


Obviously just like before, this room also still needs some walls. I’ve been experimenting with L.E.D. lighting and really want to incorporate a bunch of them throughout the ships to help add atmosphere. Speaking of which I found some really cool submersible L.E.D. bulbs at Walmart.  And I used one to form the power core or “Heart” of the ship’s reactor.

I’ve also just finished priming the floor and consoles of the cocpit. And Im gearing up to build the med bay. Hope everyone likes throw  board is shaping up. Can’t wait till it all comes together and we can get some games in! Anyway Happy Gaming guys! Check back for more updates soon.