Printed Maps: The Farmstead Part 2 – Layer by Layer

The Farmstead map is finished. It took a while but we’re pleased with the result and I learned some new tricks along the way, which is always fun (more on that later). Since I teased the layout of the map in part 1, I thought it might be fun to go through the finished map bit by bit and write about each part like a DVD commentary track. So let’s dive right in at the bottom layer of the map: Continue reading Printed Maps: The Farmstead Part 2 – Layer by Layer

Tutorial: Pig Pen/Wooden Animal Closure

Farms are a mainstay in tabletop gaming.  They add a variety of terrain for a countryside battle and offer a remote location for more intimate skirmish settings.  Even today, you can still drive through parts of the country and see farms that look similar to how they must have been over a hundred yeas ago.  Adding a tractor brings it to the 20th century and the present.  Adding rustic wagons can make the landscape appear hundreds of years old.  Farms definitely give us tabletop gamers some versatile scenery for our collections. Continue reading Tutorial: Pig Pen/Wooden Animal Closure

The Heart of it all.

Hey guys!

Brad here with another post on the progress of our spaceship table we’re putting together for Reapercon.  The past two weeks have neen very busy for us here at 6squaredstudios, I’ve just about finished up six scratch speeder ships that will battle it out in one of the other games we plan to run. You can check them out on our Facebook. Continue reading The Heart of it all.

Coming Soon – Web Site Makeover

Ok. We know the site needs work. When went live, our primary goal was to make a functional online store to which we could point people who wanted our products. We achieved that goal but now we feel that the time has come to update the site and really put it to work. So we’re going to give the site a makeover. Over the course of 2015 we’re going to update the site with a clean, crisp colour scheme, a mobile-friendly layout and more. We recognize that our site looks a bit outdated so we’re taking steps to fix it up! Continue reading Coming Soon – Web Site Makeover