New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year, eh?

2014 was an exciting year for us here at 6 Squared Studios. We started our business, traveled to a lot of conventions and met new friends. We attempted our first KickStarter… which unfortunately failed. However, through the generous input from people who pledged and/or bought our products over the year, we now have a better idea of how to focus our future efforts.

For those that have read my previous blog entries, you know that we started our company because we love gaming. We have our local gaming group who play a variety of games and many of us travel across Canada and the US to participate in gaming conventions. When we run miniature games, we do our best to make a table worthy of the time we put into painting our miniatures. People were very kind with their comments about the quality of our tables and encouraged us to start selling the various terrain pieces we made. So, after some trial and errors, 6 Squared Studios was born.

We know that we have made mistakes over the past year. Our initial idea was to make a modular terrain system that would be easy to use, paint and modify for a variety of games. We started with the river tile system which was received pretty well. Building on the 6″x6″ tile design, we made a complementary set of western roads. The reason we went with a western theme first is that we were prepping for ReaperCon at Reaper Miniatures and the theme was the old west. So we decided that we would create a zombie western scenario to share with our Reaper forum friends. Besides, these tiles would also work for Malifaux and Wild West Exodus – two game systems that our gaming club invest in. What we found out is that people like the look of the tiles but they didn’t necessarily want to invest in a set for themselves.

Lucky for us, quite a few people reached out to us to let us know that they liked what they saw but just weren’t interested in purchasing a set of terrain tiles. It just wasn’t the genre that justifies purchasing tiles for. They liked the idea of tiles but would rather have something that can be placed on their gaming table along with other products they bought from other companies.

So, after taking time to lick our wounds and discuss our company’s focus, we have come up with the following resolutions:

  • We are not going to try to be everything to everyone

What we mean by this is that we are not going to try and second guess what people want and try to have something for everyone. We are going to concentrate on the games we love to play and make terrain/accessories that improve the games for us. Hopefully, others will find these items useful as well.

  • Our blog is going to focus more about the fun we are having playing games

This blog is supposed to be about sharing the love of gaming. We write about what we are working on and appreciate the input and suggestions we receive to make things even better than what we originally designed. One of the suggestions is that we post more pictures of games that use our terrain. So, we will start posting more pictures of the games we are playing. It’s great having pictures of the products but it is even better seeing how it is being enjoyed by fellow gamers.We also want to encourage you to send pictures of how you are using our terrain in your games. I’m sure it will inspire us to create new pieces.

The other part of this resolution is that we will be posting a new article each Monday. We have already set up our topics for this month and will make sure there is always a reason to visit our site.

  • We will work on developing a podcast to share our adventures at conventions

We love listening to podcasts and get a lot of ideas about new games and new conventions to visit. With the variety of games we play and the conventions we travel to, we feel that we can encourage other people to expand their own hobbies. Besides, sometimes it is easier to express excitement verbally rather than writing about it in a blog.

  • We are going to revise our tile system to make it easier to use

Our regular 6″x6″ tiles are not going anywhere. We love using them on our tables and hope that others will enjoy them too. However, we have heard your suggestions and will concentrate on terrain that can be used on a table by itself. We are currently developing gaming mats that can be used either by themselves or augmented with additional terrain. The intent is that they will be easy to store and fast to set up. They will also allow people to add additional accessories to really make their gaming tables pop.

The first project we are working on is a 3’x3′ gaming mat called “The Farm stead”. It will feature a farm with supporting terrain that will be great for a western themed game or a modern zombie survival scenario. You can use it by itself or you can add our resin terrain pieces to give it a 3D effect. Either way, it will make your games more fun to play.


I hope that each of you have come out of 2014 better gamers and that you are looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead in 2015. For me, I look forward getting to know more of you during my travels. If you can, write to us either in the comment section of our website or share your gaming pictures on our Facebook page. We find the best way to show our love of gaming is to share it with others. After all, we all could use some fresh faces around the gaming table.

Happy New Year and peace out, eh?