Epic Space Battle!!!

Hey everybody! Brad here from 6squaredstudos. We’re hard at work gearing up for a big year working on some great new projects we hope you’re going to love. This year we plan on being at some really great conventions and are going to be bring our zany brand of fun with us. One of the big conventions we attended last year was ReaperCon, held in Texas, by the great folks over at Reaper Miniatures. Last year we had the opportunity to run a wonderful game called “How the west was Eaten”, which everyone who took part in it seemed to have a blast. So naturally this year we’re hoping to raise the stakes and go even bigger and better!

The theme of this years ReaperCon is Sci-Fi. And for the big centerpiece game I came up with the crazy idea of two massive ships fully to scale with 28mm figs, sitting accross from each other on a 12 foot table taking pot shots and sending assault craft back and forth. Crazy ambitious, but I really wanted to create a spectacle and game that as a gamer I would be dying to play. So over the course of the next few months I’ll be updating this blog with my progress on the board, the various terrain peices and the rules. I’ve already started to get the basic plans and layout for the ships done, as well as some possible designs for dropships that will act as shuttles between the bigger craft. When looking for inspiration for the ships I knew I wanted to go for something a bit more rugged and “lo-fi” something that almost looked plausble. I pulled a lot from some of my favorite films,video games and television shows. Some of which included the Nostromo from the film Alien and the other ships found in the sequals. I also looked at shows like Battlestar galactica and video games like Halo and Dead space. I want the large Battleships to have a kind of worn and aged feel to them as well as being practicle in both design and game purposes.

Battlestar_Galacticanostromo pillar

So I’ve been gathering some materials and working on some preliminary sketches to get an idea for the final product.

20150120_173822 (1) 20150120_173903 (1)

I’ve been experimenting with using a number of different products combined with found objects in the hopes of creating a really unique table. I’ve picked up a few different kits from Spartan Scenics and have been experimenting with combining them with some hurst arts sci molds to see how the two would compliment each other . Below is an early work in progress of a locker room for one of the ships.



(obviously it still needs some more paint as well as some walls added, but I’m pretty happy with the way the different kits go together. I think once the walls go up with some posters on them it will really come together.) Anyway hope this peaks your hobby curiosty and that I can get this ambitious project done in time to share it with my fellow gamers, and I can’t wait to update everbody with my progress in my next blog, so watch this space! Till next time Happy Gaming!!!!