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Hello. My name is Kevin Jacobi though I’m know on most of the forums I visit as MiniCannuck – a proud Canadian gamer. So, on behalf of my business partners Dan and Brad, I’d like to welcome you to our website.

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Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved games. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, I had lots of action figures. I loved Star Wars and would create elaborate environments to recreate my favourite parts of the movie. In the summer, I’d use my sandbox (after cleaning out the cat “stuff”) to create Tatooine. I’d made elaborate snowscapes during the winter to have battles on Hoth. In the spring, I’d find all the figures I lost in the snow during the past winter and start all over again.

Bottom line is, I was a terrain builder and miniature war gamer before I even knew the hobby existed.

As I “grew up”, I found RPGs and miniature games that let me create my own movies and play them out at the gaming table. Games like D&D, Warhammer and Champions started filling up my free time. I also found likeminded people (read fellow gaming nerds) who loved the games just as much as me. They put me onto conventions where I found even more friends and other games I never heard of before. No matter the game, I loved creating tables to set my miniatures in to take my hobby experience to an higher, more immersive level. However, I never thought of doing it as a business until recently.

A few years ago, I decided to take a chance and fly out to Reaper Miniatures in Texas for their in-house convention, Reapercon. I have been a fan of their models for a few years and found a forum community I really liked on their website. The company brought a mix of gaming, painting and friendship that worked for me. Not only did I like their products but the convention was a chance to meet most of the sculptors and painters that I’ve come to admire and respect. I always thought that these artists were the “other” in our hobby – something amazing but with skills out of reach to most gamers. What I found interacting with them is that they truly are amazing people but that they were regular gamers like you and me. What made them great is that spent the time and energy perfecting their craft, often as a hobby to begin with until some of them made it their full time jobs. With the encouragement I received from this initial ReaperCon, and the 2 others since then, I decided to start selling the terrain and accessories that I’ve been making for my local gaming group.

I’ve been doing modular terrain for a number of years at this point. They were modified 12”x12” floor tiles that I would make up with roads, rivers and other features so that we could create any size table we wanted. I also started collecting terrain from as many sources as I could to better understand what could be done for our tables. I made some great friends through the Historical Miniature Gamers Association and have learned a lot about casting and creating terrain. I knew that this is something I wanted to do but I knew that I would need partners to do it right.

That is where Brad and Dan come in.

Both of these guys are part of my local gaming group and have become some of my best friends. Brad is one of those irritating artist types that can “doodle” in both clay and pen to create wildly imaginative objects. Dan is a very talented IT person who approaches the miniature hobby with precise steps and procedures. Combined, the three of us make a great team to reliable create quality tabletop terrain and accessories for both our local gaming group and for purchase on at conventions and our website.

So that brings us to the present and the launching of 6 Squared Studios. We have developed a 6”x6” modular resin terrain system that can be used by itself or added to your already existing gaming terrain. We chose this size because it makes it easy to store, can be scaled to any size gaming table and the individual tiles can also be used as a base for dioramas. We are also creating accessories and other terrain pieces for the games that we love. These will also be made out of resin, acrylic and MDF (depending on the project). Basically, we will make things that we will test and use in our games and, if our game club likes them, we will offer them for sale at our website.

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To start, we are concentrating on river/water systems and accessories. This is something that we needed for our games but couldn’t find at the quality/price we wanted online. We also have MDF bases in a variety of packs available at great prices. With the purchase of a high power laser engraver/etcher system for my other company, we can offer these necessities of gaming at very competitive prices.

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Once we are satisfied with our water offerings, we will move onto “old west” terrain that will include streets and other accessories needed to play games in the old west. After that, modern city streets, building facades and other accessories to help recreate modern and sci-fi gaming tables. Basically, we will create the things we want for the games we are currently playing and hope that other people will find a use for them as well.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on terrain projects, drop us a line at questions@6squaredstudios.ca and we will see what we can do.

Until then, happy gaming, eh?

Kevin “MiniCannuck” Jacobi